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Congratulations and Welcome to our team of trusted, pre-qualified and approved Vendors and Sub Contractors.

As such, we are happy to provide you with access to our Plan Room. By entering below, you will have access to the plans and specifications needed in order for you to submit a cost proposal to Jeta Builders.

The information you are being allowed to access and are being entrusted with is CONFIDENTIAL in nature and may be SENSITIVE and Proprietary.

We trust that you will use due diligence in protecting these materials while in your possession and will not disclose any information contained herein with any other third party not directly related to producing your proposal to Jeta Builders. We have gone to great lengths to secure these documents for your use and we expect the same commitment and care from our team members.

For offsite Plans and Specifications please contact us at 404-400-7290 or at

We invite qualified subcontractors to submit bids on Jeta projects.

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